Yves Vontobel, president

NOMA HILFE SCHWEIZ - president - Yves Vontobel

Such a terrible disease based on malnutrition and unclean water should no longer exist in our time. That is why, as part of my work on the Board of Directors, I support efforts to treat children suffering from noma and to prevent it in the countries affected by the disease.

Ernst Notz, vice-president

NOMA HILFE SCHWEIZ - vicepresident - Ernst Notz

At Persis Hospital, which is run successfully and devotedly by Dr. Laissara Zala and his wife Aissata, I was able to attend operations. I will never forget the disfigured faces, but also the beaming eyes of these brave children and their grateful parents!

Christa Meienberg

NOMA HILFE SCHWEIZ - member of the board - Christa Meienberg

The pictures of the children are touching - it's a matter of the heart.

Fidel Strub

NOMA HILFE SCHWEIZ - member of the board - Fidel Strub

Born in Saaba, Burkina Faso, I was adopted by a Swiss couple in March 1998. I grew up in Arisdorf BL and completed an apprenticeship as a watchmaker. I like listening to music, mainly trance and house, cooking and spending time with my friends.

I like helping other people and passing on the experience I've gained over the years.

As a NOMA child myself, local support is very important to me!

Silke Kluyken Pfammatter

NOMA HILFE SCHWEIZ - member of the board - Silke Kluyken Pfammatter

There are many cruel aspects of abject poverty. Noma is one of them. Unfortunately, it is little known and mainly affects children. That's why I'm involved on the Board of Directors with a motivated team whose work is focused on just one thing: Noma must cease to exist!

Honorary President and founding member

Peter Junker

NOMA HILFE SCHWEIZ - founding member and ex president - Peter Junker

One day, Yves Schumacher (former president of the organization Aids & Child) came back from a trip to Nigeria and told me about terrible pictures he had seen in Sokoto, in northern Nigeria - of children with NOMA. He inspired me to found Noma-Hilfe-Schweiz.

I could tell many stories of what has happened since 2005...

Executive manager

Sandra Vontobel

NOMA HILFE SCHWEIZ - executive manager - Sandra Vontobel

Cooperation between the numerous organizations active in the fight against noma must improve. We need more power to put an end to this misery.


Dr. med. Bertrand Piccard

NOMA HILFE SCHWEIZ - Patronage- Dr. med. Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard - founder and president of the "Winds of Hope" foundation - was our co-founder in 2005 and is still a patron of NOMA-HILFE-SCHWEIZ today. His foundation has its own website:

Dr. Bertrand Piccard visits children affected by noma